1 Mar 2012

Sunset At Its Finest

One may prefer sunrise over sunsets, but in Boracay sunset is definitely worth waiting for! Although most scenery that includes a beach and a sunset look the same, Boracay's sunset definitely stands out due to the sunset being an indication to start the city's nightlife. Now when I say nightlife, this doesn't necessarily mean complete partying! The sunset in Boracay produces red-golden sun rays that are immediately reflected by the calm beach, resulting a peaceful scenery.

Imagine sitting in a white beach, with your family, maybe drinking a beer or a cocktail of your choice while watching this sunset. Breath taking isn't it? With the beginning of the Lenten season, this only means one thing. Summer's almost here! Don't forget to start saving up, get your swimsuit AND your swimsuit bod ready for this summer! According to The Money Converter, the Canadian Dollar is worth 42.99 in Philippine Peso! So every penny counts!

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